2013. March 22.

Why do travellers in Europe change transport mode?

Facts and implications for policy and providers

2013. February 15.

Travellers in Europe are more flexible than expected

13.02.2013, Berlin

2013. January 3.

Save the date for the USEmobility final conference

We are happy to announce the USEmobility final conference that will take place in the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
Date of the conference: 13.02.2013, 10:00 – 16:00 o’clock

2012. November 7.

Experts evaluated the project results

Members of the whole, international Business Advisory Group met to discuss together the project results at the InnoTrans fair in Berlin on September 19, 2012.

2012. August 1.

Opportunities and obstacles in eco-friendly multimodal mobility

The USEmobility project consortium invited prominent experts for an interactive workshop series. In June the project partners met and consulted with more than 70 stakeholders in the five project countries and in the Netherlands, where the survey also took place.

2012. August 1.

We asked people why they changed their mode of transport

Interview with the leaders of the USEmobility survey

Citizens of Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands were interviewed about their mobility behaviour in the last five years. The results showed that almost half of the population reported a change in their use of transport mode, a fact in dicating a highly dynamic mobility mix among European citizens. In all USEmobility countries there are significant differences in the choice of transport means depending on the travel purpose.

2012. July 18.

Project presentation in Vilnius, Lithuania

The USEmobility was presented at the 25th European Conference on Operational Research EURO (Vilnius, Lithuania). The topic of this year conference EURO 2012 was: Operational Research Connecting Sciences. Operational Research is a multidisciplinary field and provides strategies and decisions and solutions to new challenges in business, technology and society as a whole. With 2100 participants from 68 countries the conference provided an opportunity for an interchange of ideas.

2012. June 27.

ICTS 2012 conference in Slovenia

The International Conference on Transport Science (ICTS) traditionally took place in Portorož,Slovenia, where transportation experts from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Serbia meet annualy. This year it was the 15th meeting, where USEmobility project was presented.

2012. June 20.

USEmobility workshops have started

As the USEmobility project is progressing ever more and more, the time has come to present our preliminary results to a select public in our project countries. In order to do this the USEmobility consortium has chosen to organize workshops in our 6 project countries. The aim of the workshops is discussing and complementing the results of our project up until now.

2012. May 6.

First meetings of the Business Advisory Groups

The members of the German Business Advisory Group expressed a positive opinion on the research design of USEmobility that was considered as new and innovative. No comparable studies conducting similar research on ‘swing users’ are known to the members.